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The testimonials from our clients taken from Legal 500

A great team that keeps the client “in the loop” with regular updates on how matters are progressing.

The firm has very strong credentials in litigation in general and arbitration, in particular. They are the best in the construction industry. There is very strong teamwork whereby the skills of each individual is used to achieve the best outcome for the client! The clients can count on very strong research and analytical skills , and can count that every legal possible argument is used for their best interest!

They are bilingual and trilingual, and from diverse backgrounds, which gives them flexibility and a broader perspective, especially where multiple laws and jurisdictions are at play. Claudia is a leading member in the legal society and is respected for her abilities.

They have a strong local litigation practice yet can go toe to toe with international firms in international arbitrations. this makes them unique as only very few local firms can claim to do so.

A unique and reliable firm, very competent and industry (construction)-focused.